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@benaffleck #armageddon #benaffleck #1998." The photo sees Affleck playfully mouth Tyler's forehead as she holds him around the waist. "It was really a nice treat to have Ben play [my love interest] because I did know him before this movie," Tyler told in 2001. He was like, 'Cover yourself up, girl.'" "It was really fun. "It was nice because we know each other's families and boyfriends and girlfriends which made it all cool.

The picture was taken while the two filmed an early scene on the oil driller.

But, dammit, the world would be a far simpler place if we could rely on capable crews of rugged folk to blow up our problems with nukes.

The 38-year-old actress posted a picture of herself and Ben Affleck goofing off on the set of the 1998 movie, writing, "Ohhh Monday .... Bruce Willis co-starred as Grace's dad Harry, with Billy Bob Thornton as NASA project director Dan Truman.

Nine writers worked on the script, five of whom are credited.

In addition to Robert Roy Pool, Jonathan Hensleigh, Tony Gilroy, Shane Salerno and J. Abrams, the writers involved included Paul Attanasio, Ann Biderman, Scott Rosenberg and Robert Towne.

After a breakneck pace to get us to the asteroid, there’s the requisite malfunctions in the plan that force one man to stay behind—I’m sure you can guess who.

Yes, this movie’s scientific accuracy sits one level below .

Truman delays the military, while Harry convinces the shuttle commander Colonel Willie Sharp to disarm the remote trigger.NASA scientists, led by Dan Truman, plan to trigger a thermonuclear detonation at least 800 ft (244 m) inside the asteroid to split it in two, driving the pieces apart so both will fly past the Earth.NASA contacts Harry Stamper, considered the best deep-sea oil driller in the world, for assistance.This additional footage, incorporated two months prior to the film's release, was specifically added for the television advertising campaign to differentiate the film from Deep Impact which was released a few months before.According to Bruce Joel Rubin, writer of Deep Impact, a production president at Disney took notes on everything the writer said during lunch about his script and initiated Armageddon as a counter film at Disney.

Yes, it’s a Michael Bay film with a target demo of incurious teenage boys.

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Bruce willis liv tyler dating introduction

Bruce willis liv tyler dating

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