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On November 29, 1963, following the death of President John F. Johnson issued Executive Order 11129 renaming both NASA's Merrit Island Launch Operations Center and "the facilities of Station No. This resulted in some confusion in public perception, which conflated the two. Webb clarified this by issuing a directive stating the Kennedy Space Center name applied only to Merrit Island, while the Air Force issued a general order renaming the Air Force Station launch site Cape Kennedy Air Force Station.1 of the Atlantic Missile Range" (a reference to Canaveral AFB) as the "John F. This name was used through the Gemini and early Apollo programs.The first four Saturn I development launches were made from LC-34 between October 27, 1961, and March 28, 1963.These were followed by the final test launch and five operational launches from LC-37 between January 29, 1964, and July 30, 1965.

A Titan III has about the same payload capacity as the Saturn IB at a considerable cost savings. unmanned lunar landing (1966), and first three-man U. Portions of the base have been designated a National Historic Landmark for their association with the early years of the American space program. It was also the launch site for all of the first spacecraft to (separately) fly past each of the planets in the Solar System (1962–1977), the first spacecraft to orbit Mars (1971) and roam its surface (1996), the first American spacecraft to orbit and land on Venus (1978), the first spacecraft to orbit Saturn (2004), and to orbit Mercury (2011), and the first spacecraft to leave the Solar System (1977).with three launch pads currently active (Space Launch Complexes 37B, 40, and 41). NASA was founded in 1958, and Air Force crews launched missiles for NASA from the Cape, known then as Cape Canaveral Missile Annex.Popularly known as "Cape Kennedy" from 1963 to 1973, and as "Cape Canaveral" from 1949 to 1963 and from 1973 to the present, the facility is south-southeast of NASA's Kennedy Space Center on adjacent Merritt Island, with the two linked by bridges and causeways. Redstone, Jupiter, Pershing 1, Pershing 1a, Pershing II, Polaris, Thor, Atlas, Titan and Minuteman missiles were all tested from the site, the Thor becoming the basis for the expendable launch vehicle (ELV) Delta rocket, which launched Telstar 1 in July 1962.

Two of the Atlas-Agena vehicles failed to reach orbit on Gemini 6 and Gemini 9, and a mis-rigging of the nosecone on a third caused it to fail to eject in orbit, preventing docking on Gemini 9A.

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The Archives of the Cape May County Clerk’s Office is a climate-controlled document storage area within the Hall of Records where documents and volumes dating back. 
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The Coalition Against Rape and Abuse Inc. of Cape May County is fighting teen dating violence with the help of some people who are most familiar with it. 
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Cape may county dating

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