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Consolidating music files in itunes

If I choose to consolidate them, as you suggested, will I then have them all in two places? When you consolidate, any songs in the i Tunes Library that are not in the i Tunes Music Folder are copied to the Music Folder and the Library is updated to point to those new files.Files already in the i Tunes Music Folder have no changes made to them: Consolidating your library - Mac Consolidating your library - Windows Consolidating only affects anything you already have in the i Tunes library, it doesn't for instance scan for music files in other folders and add them into i Tunes.This i Tunes cleanup program would then ask you to choose scan mode from "Quick Scan" and "Deep Scan".After setting scan mode, click the "Scan i Tunes" button, then this i Tunes duplicate removal would start to scan your i Tunes music library for duplicate songs.

How do I get these songs in my Current i Tunes Library?

If you click "Add" button, this i Tunes cleaner program would ask you to select a music folder for cleanup.

After scanning, all duplicate songs would be displayed. Choose the ones you don’t want to keep and then click the "Remove" button to remove duplicate songs after you consolidate i Tunes files. In fact, Leawo Tunes Cleaner could not only remove duplicate songs, but also automatically download and add music tags to music files in i Tunes music library, and allow you to manually edit music tags.

Also, when you add an item already on your computer to your i Tunes library, i Tunes places a copy of the file in your i Tunes folder. If you want to add files to i Tunes library without adding them to i Tunes folder, you could click "Edit Advanced" option and then deselect the checkbox next to "Copy files to i Tunes Media folder when adding to library." Consolidating i Tunes libraries actually means you put multiple libraries or files in different folders into one.

This offen results in one problem: many files would get duplicates, especially music files.

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How to Consolidate iTunes Library. When you consolidate an iTunes library. If you try to transfer your music files without consolidating them first. 
09-Jul-2018 02:49
Consolidating files will back up all your files on iTunes into the default iTunes folder. 
09-Jul-2018 02:52
In iTunes, what does "Consolidate Library. It moves all of your music into the iTunes Music. Your Library is ANY & ALL types of files you allow. 
09-Jul-2018 02:56
It also means that iTunes will locate all your music files on your computer and add it into one single library file for. After consolidating iTunes files. 
09-Jul-2018 03:00
What does consolidate files mean on itunes. Consolidating your debt. Music files downloaded from the iTunes store come in the format "Purchased. 
09-Jul-2018 03:04
You can consolidate the files in your music library by placing a copy of all songs into your iTunes Music folder. 
09-Jul-2018 03:07
Need a hand transferring music files from your iTunes account to. this guide will show you how to copy music files between iTunes. Consolidating your music files. 
09-Jul-2018 03:11

Consolidating music files in itunes introduction

Consolidating music files in itunes