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But for practising Christians of all denominations, having a shared faith is essential."According to projections, 39 per cent of men and 31 per cent of women will be single in 10 years time."For Christians the issue is even more acute as the choices are narrower," said Miss Elton."If you are from a charismatic tradition, then you won't feel comfortable with a very high Anglo-Catholic approach."We encourage members to talk about their moral values and the spiritual aspects of their lives, including their favourite Bible verses.It is something that secular sites rarely bother to do effectively and appropriately.Marriage bureaux were still in their infancy and, bound by the sexually conservative mores of the time, Stella found it difficult to gain publicity: in the early Sixties, few newspapers were willing to publish her ads, fearful they were linked with the sex industry.In order to surmount this opposition, Stella had to get personal references from her local MP and the Bishop of Lincoln.It is estimated that there are around 300,000 single Christians in Britain.The problem of finding a Christian partner is significantly more difficult for women than for men.

I thought at least given my experience, I might be able to help other people."And so on a hot July afternoon in 1962, Stella travelled by train to London to register the name of the Kathleen Kent Marriage Bureau with Companies House."I thought my own name was a little harsh," she says."I chose to use my middle name, Kathleen, and Kent where I was born."The business started slowly.Born in Farnborough, Kent, in 1924, Stella Flanders, as she was then, initially trained as a nurse.Then, aged 24, she married Ernest Groschel, a Czech engineer 13 years older who had come to Britain to escape the war.

A recent report found that women significantly outnumbered men as worshippers, and that for every single man in his thirties who attends church there are two single women in the same age group.

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Jun 7, 2007. Fifty years ago, a young woman set up Britain's first modern dating agency and created a giant industry. 20000 lonely hearts later including her. In order to surmount this opposition, Stella had to get personal references from her local MP and the Bishop of Lincoln. "I was fortunate that I had encountered. 
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Dating agencies in lincolnshire

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