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Dating hindi meaning

; literally: "School of Mo") was an ancient Chinese philosophy of logic, rational thought and science developed by the academic scholars who studied under the ancient Chinese philosopher Mozi (c. 391 BC) and embodied in an eponymous book: the Mozi.

It evolved at about the same time as Confucianism, Taoism and Legalism, and was one of the four main philosophic schools from around 770–221 BC (during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods).

In contrast to Bentham's views, state consequentialism is not utilitarian because it is not hedonistic.

The importance of outcomes that are good for the state outweigh the importance of individual pleasure and pain.

This advocacy of impartiality was a target of attack by the other Chinese philosophical schools, most notably the Confucians, who believed that while love should be unconditional, it should not be indiscriminate.

The moral guide must then promote and encourage social behaviours that maximize the general utility of all the people in that society.Mozi is known for his insistence that all people are equally deserving of receiving material benefit and being protected from physical harm.In Mohism, morality is defined not by tradition and ritual, but rather by a constant moral guide that parallels utilitarianism.Each unit was led by a juzi (literally, "chisel"—an image from craft making).Within the unit, a frugal and ascetic lifestyle was enforced. Mohists developed the sciences of fortification and statecraft, and wrote treatises on government, ranging in topic from efficient agricultural production to the laws of inheritance.

Mozi posited that, when society functions as an organized organism, the wastes and inefficiencies found in the natural state (without organization) are reduced.

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Dating hindi meaning introduction

Dating hindi meaning

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