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Dating permian ru

The most suitable location of the spots for U-Pb analyses was then selected.

Grains were then polished to half their thickness to expose internal structures.Therefore it is possible to date different domains of single crystals, which may record magmatic or metamorphic events of the rock’s geological history [8,4].In acidic magmatic rocks abundant zircon crystals provide precise age data about magma emplacement and origin of source indicating the geodynamic context and the pertinence of terranes forming the continental crust.These rock types preserve memory of Precambrian to Permian geological events and in some cases up to Mesozoic times.The available geochronological data [15-24] togheter with CL and VPSE imaging and the REE-U-Th distribution in the zircon domains helped to depict the geological history through: (1) the emplacement ages of the protoliths of metaigneous rocks, (2) the contribution of the Neoproterozoic-Early Cambrian anatectic melts to produce the protoliths of Variscan metaigneous rocks, (3) the sedimentation ages of the protoliths of the metasedimentary rocks; (5) the P-T-t path of the Variscan metamorphism.

As regards the metamorphic context, zircon can potentially preserves multiple stages of metamorphic records owing its highly refractory nature, high closure temperature and slow diffusion rate of Pb, thus it is an ideal mineral for U-Pb dating of poly-metamorphic rocks [9,10].

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Dating permian ru introduction

Dating permian ru

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