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pm i tnr K aaa Mtonca ^au im.'irjav : ■m-rra~ -rr-j-rm THMiww VOLUME XXXIV. I was ones horror-struck by witness- ing a scene between an npoplectij ion-koop.r and the lax collector, who had no alternative put to irsi-t upon the paymear of a surcharge, ybe unhappy man, doubly red with passion, did oat of h'S arm-chair in the b*r, ani lilt- ing upon bin knees, exclaimed: “May the s .1 of God light upon you alii Now I’ll JACKEB8— A Su EGEON Ro BBBD AND ^ot. Tbe fol'owing i* 'he accomt given of th“ figi.t at Oauideu Point by Lieu'eaant Ci.l l, o r Cep'ein tj.agge'i’a counuaad. Ford, of ibe 2d Colorado, tev.k np tho line of trom Wectoa io the direction of O.am- d(r Point. and jr-*inp»5f na W six ASmft BBBre RE SPRING'S, lfcl MBLB COUNTY. We trust it is harder for the Independent to say eo little than to say so much. Brownson says that Fremont “deems the preservation of the constitution of vreater importance to liberty than even be abolition ef slavery.” Then Fremont very widely differs with Lincolo, who deems be abolition of slavery of greater importance han the preservation of the constitution.

If there tas an error in the return of as-ess'd taxes he resident officer of tbe revenue called au Inspector, immediately made a Bnrca&rg., t bu b it was extremely difficult to get off by hppral. Pratte City, and that tbey h i i cecisred their iotentiou of Slowing no quar ter 'o sny rebel who should fall into iheir hsrds. trambering 500 men, with one li nr'ilfrry, ull under tom maud of Col. Th- tami’y pride of anotner — we have co better opinion. " Tiiif, it mu 9 t be ew Bed, is drawing it mildly; but better tbis tha D no stroke at all.

and commanding inis post, put one company along tbe railroad with Astrncuo DS lo proceed two or three miles a tbe dir. Alter pasting abi ui s mile beyond the town they met tbe main force cf trie enemy, under c-.mmaud of Tbo'ri'op, urn bering a Pou 140 men, draw np in line ot ba"le, bu’ without ba'tiog 'he 18 Colorado hy ,ft«u . We will ereiier the sur shine of (hone years, Bn i wi’ri cn»*- tered step and hopes, oush on toward tha vmieg whose signal lights wi I som be «* n 1 -wirgirg wb're tb« wators are still, aa d tne Bt OTi L'B Li C’VPr | Gcrrusi Kjnaenco of tno ii Ouuviiie Jovnud.] Lcoa« Ooca TY Ky., July 14. Judge Kennedy 0— tbe Judge being absent — and 'made tae de- round wi'b loaded pistols preseated to her breast, accompanied with horrid imprecations and oa be that they would blow her rrirougn orf$B the mo Dey wa* produced, whicri they s*id ihey knew was iu the bous*. TDey 'Grek a southeasreriy con-.*e, aud trade t o oib Sr stop uottt tney got to Mr. who lives on the roai leading from Russeiivi'le to Naebville. RJEl IVAJb 3SJ- 'j B W 3 r j L* YL3S ill U ii will bt cl**^-*^ Ox* low Retires by IF* „ o: . Jencho laon the Lomsviile ami Fraakfort Railroad, S3 Hi!

ction of Ringgold, aid triea scout hewc-odstoward Torre U's bouse while anotne J.mpany was ordered to proceed at ones io lentil’s, and if possible, find and follo w the Sell ot 'be rebel party. Mt* Rs Editor*: On last Monday the quiet little irnagu o' Gordonsvilie w.w robbod hy a band cf defprrstioe*. Failing ia tb is, they j -irked out a straw mattress, ripped it open, and set fire to it; but tun screams a*d Fritieities of Mrs. aud her d*n u b.er, and tbeir positive denials that the money was iu the bouse, induced them to put out the fire before much damage was dene. N Lyr-e, tbey took two nka- ly black boye, 12 or 13 year* old, ao i a fine Judge K.iaae- dy’s boy was released near Mitvie.l- ville, on tie railroad from Frarik ia 10 U'in, aud h« says thfrt waeu aucrilla? Porter’s the firet thing •tey did was to set the house oo fire.

They shot nim, evt- Itly inlendiug to kill him instantly. [or Ihe Louid Tl'le Journal.] UNION DKM6H)RA no MEETING.

The 1 took effect just benind tbe ear, ranging vnward, and coming out through the lower I on the other side. At a meeting of the Coos* rvative Union D' mocrvlic pa- y of the 20 a Senatorial Dis- trict of Keuluckj comuoeed ol the coriatnra I Woodford, F -anklin, ai d And r*oa; at me • ’curt-honse is Versailles.

‘ jict LE ia Moaaow Countx — Wecllp the V»g from the Morrow County (Ohio) ol the 18'h: Ag informed that Absalom Mc Call, liv- JBur S Wccchnry, Peru t»wo-.hip, cjsu- I enicide on Wednesday of last weet oy ■rig himself in his bam. fl- aw ife and five children to mourn bis Icas T No 2. This morning it was found that the enemy had withdrawn from in front of the defences of Washington, and though they still show pickets at Bladensburg and on th railroad, there is good reason to believe fftat their main force is marching toward the Po- tomac, to make goo 1 their retr-at with all tne boot that a week of uninterrupted plunder has afforded them.

They then stripped i of »li save bis shirt, drawers, and socks, Jleftbim to die. H'S ear is badly burned t powder, showing that the piece was ’ near him when fired. n c ff, tbe road was examined, and it Ttouud (ha - just opposite where mey bal bonnted and hitched, they hsd torn up Iratl, and were evidently waiting to cap l the first train bound for tbe front. Ky., on Saturday, ie 1C th day ot July, 1364, P Swigerq E q.

It lalso ascertained that they had ambushed rty oi eight men and one Lieutenant, of tbe |b Illinois volunteer infantry, tvho were ou ' way to Tunnel Hill to draw clothiag companies A and H, statijned at toe ps octwten Tannel Hill and Ringgo d. ^“'fielo, company H, aad five then, and bded three others, two, it is feared, mor TLe rebel party is supposed to have 'fed about forty, and were generally I mtunted and armed with muik-ts and |vrrs This is the second time ths road Jeen torn up between Dalton and Riug- ivi'hia one week.

Tae Orderly sac- id, but the Surgeon s howe fallrag with _be surrendered. Judge Kenuedy’s hoy s.y» roree- were con*ian'ly accuraalatiig aoox tbdr hai as (iuiiog ihe trie, hue he doss uot Slow wbe her they were brought to Ciera or wt'dber derat-beo partib* wore sent tor tb«m. iug giv*a ai u ai'iwert d "v a peculiar kind of yell Toe lest heard from them they were b-yund Mitcbellville, going in ihrdirectiou o? and anil holding on to tne matk I'oya, noi withstanding their sod* and e Btreaiiva io be released. Drv Fikis, and tiock-r* uith, all raitt Q in L gan couuty.

After thu sunuaireid tured the Doctor, he informed them IT was a Su geon, and unarmed; but fade no difference. There were from tizteen to twenty of the guerillas, aud many of them were recignift. Jadge K '* hoy s i) 8 one ot the ultra w ft* called Gaut. Ut e of term is known to have taken the o ath "i d given bond, and it is oeiieved that many of them have aken the atnneetv oath.

Tbe company that i ceided along pie railroad did not succeed finding Colonel’s orderly, who had gone aoou: one and a h»lf north after Borne horses ob had play'ully galloped btyond the oea. They dashed iu-o ’i lice a^out sunset, when more of th* citi- z ns were at eu Dper. As toon ss the citiz-ns were disarmed end iuimcd into line uu iudisciminate roo- ! Many i f ihe cil’zeus were ru'hie»*iy baaten aid otherwise maltrestea lor taidineu io hauding over tbeir pur.-es, and lor omer srenilar ot- fi nee? Ali tte loose chanse was thus secured, nd tbe store* robbed or $1 500 or $2 000 vo ih cl goods. They then took a bright mu- latto boy from them and left. Wnaa te frroily awoke tbey found iheir hoa-e wrapped in Watson, of Frank fo i-t, was uaan- ULCuaiy Uomraatcd on the second hallo', ts ' be (Lracidate to fid the uurxuired tnrm of Ji.o. Goid Uoe, E-q., io the Seoate of K*o- tncky, and on motion, M-ssrs Wm Sneed, .1-3 A. M,* Hewen, Jr , were apgoirited a cotnmittoe to noiify Dr.

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Fred ressian dating sites

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