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Guiseppe: I expected that it would be much more difficult but surprisingly, I have managed to settle in quite fast.

Paolo: I came from Sweden, which is one of the most expensive countries in the world.

I don’t have a natural arena for meeting new friends, so Couchserfing kind of fills that need.

It’s mostly expats using it, and the friends you meet there are mostly superficial, but sometimes-good things come out of it.

It’s essentially the same type of food and entertainment, and the same general vibe. And it’s close to Sweden, which simplifies traveling back and forth.

I had never tried Georgian food before coming to Moscow, which is absolutely amazing; it’s like a mix of Asian and European cuisine. What I have noticed though is that ‘premium’ here sometimes simply means they’ve raised the price.

Anyway, people who like metropolitan areas and big cities, definitely will love Moscow.

Guiseppe: It’s certainly a very beautiful city with a lot of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, but what I miss is outdoor activities, I think social life is not well developed here.

Guiseppe: Local food is amazing (borsch and smetana), people proposing very long toasts, flower shops are (everywhere). For example, a premium gym here compared to a non-premium one is often no different other than on the price tag. You have Uber for quick transportation, you have Airbnb for quick housing and you have Internet.

Paolo: I know Muscovites complain about traffic, but then again so do the inhabitants in all big cities. I guess it’s a way of saying it’s ”premium people” here rather than premium premises. Guiseppe: I would say, you, guys, don’t have it in a balance that I got used to while living in Europe, which doesn’t mean right or wrong, just different. My laptop and an Internet connection is all I really need to get my work done.

I often feel that I need to change my surroundings to fuel my inspiration.

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Internet dating tips blog

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