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Nis maps not updating

The ypset command can point a client at a particular server; however, at the first hint of trouble, the client attempts to locate a new server by broadcasting.Unless a server on the client's network responds, this sequence of events can cause the client to hang.NIS commands still begin with the letters yp, so it's hard to forget the original name.NIS was widely adopted among Unix vendors and is supported by every Linux distribution.

Providing more than one server helps relieve the load on the master and helps keep clients working even when some servers become unavailable.In the traditional NIS implementation, you must place at least one NIS server on every physical network.Clients use IP broadcasting to locate servers, and broadcast packets are not forwarded by routers and gateways.Whenever a file is changed on the master server, the corresponding NIS map must be pushed out to the slaves so that all servers provide the same data.Clients do not distinguish between the master server and the slaves.

A server and its clients constitute an NIS "domain." Data files are preprocessed into database files by the Berkeley DB hashing library to improve the efficiency of lookups.

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Hi there -- We are running NIS with one master server, and five slave servers in a single domain. I want to add several workstations to the domain, but when I 
24-Jun-2018 17:28
NIS maps. The configuration information managed with NIS is typically stored in ASCII files when NIS is not in use. NIS. or when quickly updating an NIS. 
24-Jun-2018 17:31
Introduction to NIS, the Network. The makedbm command generates NIS maps from flat files. However, you need not invoke. Is the server for updating NIS maps. 
24-Jun-2018 17:35
Network Information System NIS. Do not generate any NIS maps, as these already exist on the master server. When running ypinit on the slave server. 
24-Jun-2018 17:39
This document only describes how to set up the "ypserv" NIS server. Please don't use ypinit for updating a. This will ensure that most NIS maps are kept up. 
24-Jun-2018 17:42
Updating /var/yp/securenets on the NIS slave. Hi. it appears like the NIS client's subnet was not added to the /var/yp/securenets file and hence the NIS maps were. 
24-Jun-2018 17:46

Nis maps not updating introduction

Nis maps not updating

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