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Weight can become a dealbreaker for many men if the woman is extremely overweight. A curvy woman has nicely shaped breasts and butt, not rolls of excess fat.BTW again, why do people keep the success stories as proof that a lot of men are attracted to extremely overweight women.

And weight gain through muscle gain can be a problem too for some people. The "sex before marriage" thing is probably an issue as well.That self-consciousness can be a bit of a turn-off. Holding strong views either for or against religion tends to weed down the number of opportunities significantly on general dating sites. I work with a few larger ladies and they get more play than Brittany Spears. It's the religious fanatic stuff that takes up more than half of the OP's profile.And so the overweight people tend to be overlooked, but they're overlooked because of their lack of confidence a lot more than their extra padding. I'm not religious, but I am pretty tolerant of other's beliefs, and personally, I draw the line at proselytizing fanatics that are demanding and close minded to any other 'Christian' sect than their own. Which, by the way, does not infer that just because someone is religious doesn't make them less desirable.There are a couple of ladies that post on forums regularly that seem to be / are, by their profile and what they write in forums, religious (Christian) and on the plus side of average for weight.Even though I'm neither Christian nor looking to actively date, they are the sort that would make me overjoyed to have as friends.

As long as her weight doesn't prevent her from being active (I enjoy doing physical things like sports, dance, etc.) then it's not an automatic no-no for me. If you have been here a while then you should have seen several answers to these questions Anyway my opinionhonestly you might have better luck focusing on a website that is more centered around people with similar religious beliefs. IMO~ the strong religious convictions, over-use of emoticons [hard to be taken seriously] and the grammatical errors could be an issue. There are plenty of curvy, heavy, thick, zaftig, overweight, obese, and even (to drop the 'f-bomb') fat women out there that are dating and having relationships.

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Online dating personals for fat ladies introduction

Online dating personals for fat ladies