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Sedating antipsychotic wireless validating identity firewalled

In example I see someone on a forum telling that Zeldox made him energetic and sleep less - but my personal experience was exactly the opposite - I was unable take my head up from sleeping. It's called Serdolect: tried it myself, and it really works and doesn't make you sleepy. The bad news is that Abilify is about the only AP which activates people. I also tried about 10 antipsychotics already, and all have some side effects.In any case I am asking - Is there any atipsychotic that makes energetic and makes no brain fog and normal or lesser sleep? Best of luck, Mirage I searched serdolect after your suggestion.If your doctor doesn't mention it, it's my opinion that you tell him.Google Search Invega and raised cholesterol if you don't believe me. Mental Illness I believe is the worst thing anyone can suffer from, and I am a cancer survivor!The other one was pimozide - it had some psychiatric side effects too.What I am looking for is a proven antipsyhotic that does not make sleep, sleepy, tired and the brain foggy.I begged the doctors to just wait until after the wedding. I don't want to go on another because I don't want to sleep my life away.Please, if you are considering taking Invega, make sure you go for your blood work every 6 months.

I am sure that what makes one sleepy makes another person fully energetic, it depends on every person. The good news is that there is an antipsychotic with no sedation.The Monday after, I have to start weaning off of it, and then go on a different one. The reason I know I can't do without it is because I tried going down to 3 mgs.from 6 for a week and then off of it, and I was very sick. I don't understand why I have to be on this type of drug anyway.It happens that someone dies due to some heart arrhythmia or something caused by the drugs, and people start talking. If you are concerned about it, have your doctor monitor your ECG during the treatment. You may have to wait a few more years for the next generation of antipsychotics (those glutamate agonists).I've taken a few antipsychotics, but I don't even bother with meds now because I'm medication resistant.

It was pretty new at the time I took it, but I didn't get any side affects from Invega. However, I sent in my tax information to the company and I was eligible for their program - whatever it was - and got my shots for free.

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Atypical Antipsychotics & Level of Sedation. you is how do you treat patients in this situation when their antipsychotic is working. usually quite sedating. 
20-Jul-2018 10:33
For those who doesn't want to read below, as a summary I am looking for a antipsychotic medication that will not make me sleepy, sleep. 
20-Jul-2018 10:38

Sedating antipsychotic introduction

Sedating antipsychotic

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