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Six year age difference dating

It was a period of large-scale construction and the recording of inscriptions on monuments, exemplifying a significant intellectual and artistic development, the most notable monuments being their stepped pyramids.There were a number of remarkable Maya cities in Mesoamerica and it was a culture that included highly developed art and architecture, agriculture and astronomy.Kali Yuga, according to Hindu chronology, began at midnight on February 17/18 in the year 3102 BC (astronomers would say, in the year -3101).And this date differs by merely twelve years from the start of the Maya Long Count Calendar. However, according to the dating for the Kali Yuga originally derived from the ancient Sanscrit text entitled The Laws of Manu, it is stated that the Kali Yuga lasts for 432,000 years.Another individual who also took up the theme of the dating of the Yugas was Rudolf Steiner, who mentioned on various occasions that Kali Yuga lasted for a period of five thousand years.My astrosophical research confirms this indication and I was able to determine the end date of Kali Yuga to be September 10, 1899.[5] Between -31, five thousand years elapsed, this being the length of Kali Yuga, which is regarded as the fourth age.

Historians use a method of dating that excludes the year zero, referring to the year 3113 BC.This article focuses upon this special time of the pivotal year 2012, the deeper significance of which is discussed here in the context of Rudolf Steiners prophecy of the World Pentecost.The content of this article is an edited version of the transcript of my lecture on World Pentecost held on July 24, 2009 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.[1] This article addresses from a different standpoint part of the content of the book written by Kevin Dann and myself, Christ & the Maya Calendar.[2] A central theme of the book is the year 2012.From those who have done research among these descendants, there is some knowledge of the ideas and beliefs of the Maya.For example, it is surmised that the period of 5125 years of the Long Count Calendar is what the Maya called the Fourth Age or Age of the Fourth Sun.

In Hindu chronology, according to some sources, the Age of Light is Satya Yuga, the fifth age that follows the fourth age, Kali Yuga.

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Six year age difference dating introduction

Six year age difference dating

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