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The big question-could you pre-pay taxes above that ,000 limit before the new year? First, Florida laws do not allow for homeowners to pre-pay their property taxes a year before they are due.Second, the key assessments that set your property taxes typically are not done until after the first of the year.In 2017, the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, and into 2018, may be another redefining moment for the LGBT community when it comes to a new set of consumer rights, just two years after recognizing the right of the LGBT community to marry.The Supreme Court also has an obligation under the First Amendment to weigh the rights of Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillip's decision back in 2012 to not to make that cake.Speaking of Privacy - Where have You, and Your Cellphone, Been? Supreme Court ruled that in an emerging age of smart phones being our personal storage devices, a search warrant would be required to gain access to your phone.Another new case before the Supreme Court in 2018 will look at police access to not just your smart phone, but the data collected by your phone and cell site towers you are near. This year, the new challenge will be access to cell site data collected by you For law enforcement, a subpoena would be enough to get those records.

State of Florida Employees Retirement Plans Next on the financial legal docket, new state of Florida employees will see changes to how they manage their retirement savings. 1, the default retirement system will be the state's investment savings program-similar to a 401k account - unless you opt for a different program such as the state's pension program. Under the state's pension program, according to the Florida Retirement System (FRS), employees would "vest" or be entitled to their traditional pension plan after six years of service before 2011.

Florida Minimum Wage As the "fight for 15" minimum wage increase movement gained momentum for a an hour wage in 20, Florida's minimum wage will go up by just 15 cents on Jan. Tipped employees in the service industry will see a similar 15 cent increase to .23 per hour - two dollars below the national minimum wage rate last set in 2009.

According to a report by Florida International University's Center for Labor Research, 44.5 percent of new jobs created in 2016 were low wage jobs.

The second involves the right to carry a concealed firearm into a courthouse and surrender it at a secured checkpoint.

The Battle at the Supreme Court Two cases may already define the 2018 Supreme Court session - one that has already been before the court over LGBT rights and another over your privacy rights when it comes to tracking your cell phone.

That means workers in those new jobs earned less than $10 per hour. maintains the highest minimum wage at $11.50 per hour.

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