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Tegan quin dating lindsey byrnes

But I only had to have it happen once for me to be able to spend the rest of my life thinking about it and talking about it.And I don’t know if that’s consistent with everybody’s experience. “I was just totally off-balance,” Sara Quin recalls.“A lot of times when we go out and tour an album, there is quite a disconnect from the original stories or experiences that inspired the songs.A word of warning for any fans of folk-rocking Canadian kittens Tegan and Sara—nothing in their moody, ethereal catalog will prepare you for their upcoming seventh set Heartthrob.We caught up with Sara Quin to talk about the newfound sound they've gravitated towards (synths and keyboards!Some songs bubble and blip like long-lost Missing Persons outtakes, some slither icy-blue, a la vintage Depeche Mode. My life was completely drama-free, I was really healthy, and I had a ton of time to myself to write, go to therapy, grocery shop.

“We’ve run fundraisers and had donation jars and that kind of thing at pretty much every show since 2004, when we put out.

And it’s certainly informed our music in the past, but never as much as it has with this record.

But I also didn’t want it to sound retro—I really still wanted the record to feel very modern.

So we talked a lot about Phoenix and Robyn and stuff that’s very contemporary and happening right now—where you can see the influence from the past, but it still sounds like a future band.

SQ: But what’s funniest is, I’ve had my heart broken a few times.

But my sister has been in a relationship with the same girl for five or six years, and she’s the girl that inspired for Tegan—they had a lot of drama, but eventually it ended up being a very happy, successful relationship.

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Tegan quin dating lindsey byrnes introduction

Tegan quin dating lindsey byrnes

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