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Updating database through datagrid vb net

The best solutions so far have been elaborate database abstraction layers that ferry the information between the applications domain-specific object models and the tabular representation of the database, reshaping and reformatting the data each way.Yet by obscuring the true data source, these solutions end up throwing away the most compelling feature of relational databases; the ability for the data to be queried.NET Change Conflict Resolution Stored Procedures Invocation The Entity Class Generator Tool Generator Tool DBML Reference Multi-tier Entities External Mapping NET Framework Function Support and Notes Debugging Support Most programs written today manipulate data in one way or another and often this data is stored in a relational database.Yet there is a huge divide between modern programming languages and databases in how they represent and manipulate information.

Most notable is that programming languages access information in databases through APIs that require queries to be specified as text strings.

Of course, the differences go far deeper than that.

How information is represented—the data model—is quite different between the two.

C# The Table attribute has a Name property that you can use to specify the exact name of the database table.

If no Name property is supplied, LINQ to SQL will assume the database table has the same name as the class.

For this, LINQ to SQL defines the Column attribute.

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Updating database through datagrid vb net introduction

Updating database through datagrid vb net

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